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How to deploy Jenkins on Docker, Hyper-V using HyperForm (DCHQ)

Jenkins can be deployed on Docker container in 3 simple steps.
Step 1: Jenkins docker-compose blueprint.    This blueprint is very straight-forward. Here we are going to deploy the "latest" version of Jenkin image. And expose port 8080 to VM/Host port 8080.

You can find the blueprint on HyperForm.

Step 2: Environment to deploy.  All you need to deploy the blueprint is a host or a VM with docker installed.
 If you need to try this in the cloud, luckily HyperForm ( provides free environments in the public cloud or in their private data centers for testing. I'm going to use HyperForm's free cluster and customize and Run the blueprint.

Step 3: Deploy and Manage.
   Jenkins is now deployed and I can access the admin page by clicking the 8080 port no.

Optional: Configure and Secure Jenkins If you go to Jenkins page, this is what it looks like.
It says you to copy the text from this location "/var/j…